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What's H1Z1 beyond another zombie game? To start, it is a survival sandbox that is planning to rival the popular DayZ. H1Z1 just begun the early access phase on Steam, so the fans have finally been able to discover its aces in the sleeve, to try to become the sub-gender king. Let's discover its novelties. Zombies are more aggressive and agile than you expect. Facing one shouldn't give you any problem... If you don't stop running. Two zombies will start to get you in trouble. Have you found any weapons? Awesome, but if you are surrounded by five or six undead and you don't have another player's help, no matter how armed you are: you have everything to lose. Even if you managed to shake off the undead, the animals in H1Z1 also can harm your game. Although you have rabbits or deers to hunt, bears and wolfs are very dangerous. Be careful when you explore the forests! How can you survive by yourself with so much zombie and animal chasing you? Other player's cooperation is the key. While in DayZ the human being is the worst enemy, in H1Z1, almost always, you'll be forced to put hostility aside and work closely with other players. Surely our first project as a group would be to gather provisions. In this sense, the craftsmanship system (or "crafting") is vital in H1Z1. Although you'll keep finding abandoned objects in vehicles or houses, the most important or valuable ones, like the arc, are only available if you craft them yourself. Building is the next key element for survival. You'll be able to build houses, fortresses, barbecues, metal smelters... This way you'll be prepared to resist a zombie attack. But try not to highlight too much: Despite its emphasis on cooperation, in H1Z1 there are bandits still lurking... You won't get tired of exploring the game's world. The map is huge and full of distractions like military zones, towns... H1Z1 still has a long road ahead, although is appreciated that a Early Access has so much content and that also it's being updated so often with more new things or bugs are fixed. Fans are already asking, for example, more controllable vehicles like helicopters, motorcycles... If you're already tired of DayZ, H1Z1 has enough new things worth a look: agile zombies, animals, cooperation, construction, crafting... But remember to get your sport shoes on before starting a new game. You'll run a lot.

H1z1 logo H1Z1

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Full version
  • Developer: Sony Online Entertainment


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