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About Attack on Titan Tribute Game

Attack On Titan Tribute Game is a free game created by fans of the anime of the same name. Currently only a demo, the game has a cute chibi style that evokes the show, and is faithful to the high-flying cable-based combat that fans love. It is a fan project and unlicensed by Kodansha Comics. The demo of Attack On Titan Tribute Game offers a good idea of what the developer is aiming for, but it is still clearly very early on in development. Currently, only the large headed chibi characters have any detail, with the environments and titans looking very primitive in their shape and design. Also, while the cute style is good when applied the characters, is not as effective on the titans who look like massive beige Jelly Babies. You can play as any of your favorite characters (Eren, Levi, Mikasa, and company) from the show. Once selected, you are sent into battle against the towering titans on a mission to exterminate them all. That is easier said than done of course. These giants dwarf even the buildings around them, and they are only venerable at the nape of their neck. This means you must master the famous Team Dimensional Maneuvers to get behind them, and slash this weak point if you are to have any hope of bringing them down. Doing this, however, highlights Attack On Titan Tribute Game's biggest issue, that of control. As in the show, your character has two grappling hooks. Firing these at any solid object in the world (including titans) lets you slingshot your hero through the air. It is possible to control each rope individually, or both at once for a real speed boost. This dynamic can give you a real buzz, but makes it incredibly hard to control as you try to simultaneously wrangle movement, camera, jump, dodge, grappling hooks, and attack inputs using a keyboard and mouse. As Attack On Titan Tribute Game has no gamepad support, it is hard to say if it would be any easier with a pad – but, with so many things needing to be used simultaneously, it seems unlikely. Add to this a temperamental camera, and titans that will frequently turn just as you are about to hit them (resulting in you flying right at their huge mouths), and you will soon find yourself giving up on this demo and waiting until a build that is a bit more fully formed. The Attack On Titan Tribute Game demo lets you try out some different areas and characters. Be warned; it still looks very basic and gives you about as much control as you would over an overexcited two year old after three bags of Haribo. That said, it’s a fun proof of concept.

Attack on titan tribute game logo Attack on Titan Tribute Game

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Demo
  • Developer: Fenglee1


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