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Mortal Kombat is back, and in a similar way as Street Fighter did with its fourth installment. The difference between this and the Capcorn saga is that it is not a new chapter, but rather a "reboot" or zero restart of the series. The new Mortal Kombat development team not only reflects the essence of the saga but also offers a story, many game modes, new ways of savagely crushing enemies and, what is most important, impressive gameplay. The new Mortal Kombat not only has the typical Multiplayer and Tournament modes. No. There are many more options, and one of the most surprising is the Story Mode. This mode brings us closer to Mortal Kombat's total story, specifically its first three installments. The Story Mode goes over the story of the saga in great detail, from the first tournament to the final confrontation, but also explains the story of some of the characters. For instance, we will discover why the ninjas turned into cybors, or why Jax, the hefty military man, has bionic arms. All this in great detail and with some surprise additions to the character cast. We have more modes, like the Online or Tag Mode. The latter brings lots of new things to the saga, but it is not really original in the fight genre. We also have the Challenge Tower, which consists of a series of challenges that will make you win coins if you overcome them. Some are very original, such as fighting face down, fighting without arms or legs, or with instantaneous death from one single hit. In any case, you can use the coins you win to unblock all sorts of extras at the Krypt. As to the novelties in this Komplete Edition, they are not all that special. The game integrates all the updates accumulated to date, and the character re-balancing that has been done for the past two years. Apart from that, there are four new extra characters that were added by DLC: Skarlet, Kenshi, Rain and Freddy Krueger. In spite of all the changes in graphics and gameplay, combat in Mortal Kombat remains untouched: it has the same attacks, the same special movements and the odd juicy novelty. Of course, as long as we do not play in History Mode, you have the Fatalities, which, as the developers themselves already warned, are wild. The controls respond perfectly to our orders and the game experience is as good as when you played with the first or second title in the saga. Regarding the novelties included, the first thing worth mentioning is the boost hits, which we can use thanks to an energy bar. If you wait to fill up the three sections of the bar you will be able to see the star hit: the "X-Ray". Besides doing harm, you will be able to see the fractures you have caused as if through an X-ray machine. On the topic of the technical section of the title, it must be said that it is very well worked out. When we fight we will see their clothes tearing up, their masks breaking and how they suffer damages. The Fatalities and X-Ray Hit effects are very well done, but the best part of the graphic section are definitely the arenas. It is not just the foreground details, but also what we see on the background and beyond, such as cars, dragons or a falling storm. The result is truly spectacular, making it possible to see great quality sceneries. As to the sound the double standard should also be mentioned, but in this case it is about the dubbing. While the story is completely localized to our language, and very smartly so when it comes to choosing the voices, when we fight in other modes the voices are in English. In any case, the game's great soundtrack perfectly adds mood to our combats. Mortal Kombat is a must-buy if you are a fan of the saga, but also if you like fight games. It has a great game system, lots of modes and great replayability, and what is most important: it is still just as fun and wild as the original, something that seemed to be lost in the last installments and which now returns in all its splendor. Mortal Kombat is back, and we, the genre fans, are certainly in luck.

Mortal kombat komplete edition logo Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Full version
  • Developer: High Voltage Software


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