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Subway Ninja Runner 3D is a free game you can play on your PC if you have a Microsoft operating system such as Windows. It is easier to play if you have Windows 10 because you can load and install it with less fuss. It is very similar to Temple run, except that the graphics are slightly different and the game play is slightly different. The character in this game is larger than the character on the Temple Run game, which actually makes it a little easier to play. The game is set in subways instead of in temples, but the basic mechanics of Subway Ninja Runner are the same as Temple Run. The game only works for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. It uses ARM, x86 architecture and requires 17.37MB to play. The game is an action adventure game, though it really doesn’t have much of a storyline. It is a very short game that most people will be able to complete very quickly. Ironically, the thing that holds up most players from completing the game is not the game itself, but the occasional bug that causes the game to ignore your up and duck commands, meaning that your character has to start again. It is free to play, so it is hardly surprising that the game is not very long and comprehensive, though one gets the feeling that they could have tried a little harder. The biggest difference between Temple Run and Subway Ninja Runner 3D is that there are three lanes for you to choose from. You have to pick the right one to avoid obstacles, and you may also pick things up as you go. There are often times when picking one lane offers bigger rewards than picking another, and where all three lanes offer a reasonably safe route. The graphics are rather colorful, but the environments are rather broadly drawn. They are not so broadly drawn that you may mistake the game for a free online Flash game, but they are rather close. The colors make a refreshing change from the rather more dingy Temple Run colors. Subway Ninja Runner 3D is a very easy game, but so is Temple Run. If you are sick of one game, you could always play the other. You are able to earn achievements in this game, and it has a fair variety of obstacles for you to negotiate. The game features cartoony graphics with 3D rendering. One of the downsides of the game is that it features adverts, which can get in the way and which may even affect the performance of the game. If you enjoyed Temple Run, or if you fancy an easy-to-play game, then this is the game for you. It is defiantly the sort of thing that casual gamers will enjoy because there is very little depth to it. You start playing, you run a little, and you try to avoid the obstacles--there is very little else required from you. It is possible to earn achievements, but it will not take you weeks of leveling up on order to earn them, which is another reason why the game is great for casual gamers. At least the game has tried to differentiate itself from Temple Run by having three lanes. It is more varied than many of the other Temple Run clones on the Internet.

Subway ninja runner 3d logo Subway Ninja Runner 3D

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Free
  • Developer: Games Sumo


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