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Overwatch is the critically-loved Blizzard Entertainment's newest franchise in years. It's a first-person shooter with a hint of MOBA (massively multiplayer online battle arena) gameplay, and no one would be surprised to hear that it stacks up to Blizzard's reputation for well-made software. Overwatch is an expansive, multicultural adventure where you play as the kind of hero you want, alongside other heroes, against other heroes. When you start playing Blizzard's finest, you'll be given a simple list of options: a tutorial, training grounds, and a Hero Gallery, where you can customize the voice lines and even the appearance of the game's 21 playable heroes. From there, it's off to quick play (which nearly instantly sends you to a game with a random team on a random map), to arcade (which has you play entire teams of soup-up heroes, changing every week), or perhaps to a game versus the AI. After you finish a match, win or lose, you'll be treated to a set of medals based on your performance, cards showing who across both teams did the most for their team, and to some experience, then levels. Don't worry, though: you're just as capable at level 1 as level 70. Levels simply help match you up with players of equal skill, and give you Loot Boxes to fill out your Hero Gallery. At first, you might find the game difficult. It only takes a little while to get used to a single hero, of course, and not much longer to learn a hero of each role: Offence, Defence, Tank, or Support. And you'll want to learn a lot of them: each hero has their own brand of fun, their own ultimate which charges as you fight, and a key part of the game is learning multiple heroes to adapt to your team's needs, your own, and what the enemy is doing. If that's up your alley, then Overwatch surely is too! The game's graphics and sound are fantastic. Every character is voiced with an accent and given an appearance fitting their region, which can vary from Germany to the America and the UK itself, with the heroes McCree and Tracer. The game's system requirements are reasonable, and the graphics cartoonish without being blaise. There's really nothing to complain about here: even the heroic theme that plays as the round approaches its end works well for the game! Overwatch is no less and no more than what it might appear to be watching it played: a first-person shooter with plenty of character options, oozing polish and aesthetic. Its simple gameplay hides hidden depths, with rapid hero switching paramount among its greatest and most important features. It is a fantastic game for anyone who enjoys its genre or its concepts, and being multiplayer, the fun it can provide is nearly limitless. There's levels to gain and tactics to learn, so get playing!

Overwatch logo Overwatch

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Full version
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment


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