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Recent Bookmarks is a free extension for the Google Chrome browser that is designed to create a better, more elegant bookmark list for newly added bookmarks. Though Chrome has a bookmark list, its design is not geared toward the power user or those who rely on bookmarks to act as their short-term memory or reminders to read or re-read content. Bookmarks are intended to mark a web page for future reading but with Google Chrome’s design, the newest added bookmarks are placed at the bottom of a list. If you’re someone who uses bookmarks religiously, that list can become long and requires a lot of scrolling just to reach the newest material. With Recent Bookmarks, the list is recreated and the most notable change is that bookmarks are ordered newest to oldest. This solves to scrolling problem while also acting as a resource for the latest pages you’ve bookmarked. Though a bookmark acts as a friendly reminder to revisit a web page, Recent Bookmarks does a little more. When hovering over bookmarks, users will find the exact time and date that a page was bookmarked. This helps when trying to recall bookmarks when lists become too long. In essence, it acts as a library of useful material rather than simply just a reminder and can hold up to 1000 of your most recent bookmarks.

Recent bookmarks logo Recent Bookmarks

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