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If you're looking for a first person shooter with all the range and firepower of a high powered rifle, look no further than Sniper Fury. This free to play game for Windows 10 and Mobile will have you gearing up a squad and joining the fight against terror in fast paced and varied missions or nail biting PvP modes. Games on Windows Mobile have never looked this good! Sniper Fury lets you create a squad and join the fight against global terror as an elite sniper. As you might expect, from mission to mission there is a lot of opportunity to gain rewards, upgrade equipment and hone your skills. Far more than twitch shooter, you must strategically position your men, approach your targets and meet objectives, all while the timer is counting down. As this game is free to play, there are micro-transactions that allow you to upgrade and progress through the game faster. As well the PvP mode, dubbed 'My Base' mode, has you pitted against another player to assault their base and steal their resources. Different weapons have different functions and abilities as well as slightly different controls, making each one feel unique. Whether you choose a weapon with infrared to cut through foul weather or else use radar to better find your targets, you are in control of picking the best tool for the job. Play through over 130 single player missions to hone your skills before taking the fight to the global stage with My base PvP play. Save the world from terrorism, one expertly placed bullet at a time. One of the most amazing things about Sniper Fury are the visuals. Whether playing on a Windows 10 PC or a Windows 10 mobile device, the graphics are stunning and what you might expect from a AAA title. Controls are slick and utilize several buttons for controlling position and fire control as well as other equipment, and finger slides to position your sniper into the ideal location for executing any threats to world peace. The variety of missions will see you fighting through snowstorms, tropical islands and bleak desserts. The variety of targets include aircraft, soldiers and armored vehicles, all that explode very nicely with a well placed shot. Bullet time allows the player to savor every expert kill in slow motion. Everything about this game looks and plays fantastic. Sniper Fury is a great looking, expertly executed first person sniper simulation for Windows 10 mobile and PC. With the variety of equipment, variety of enemies and the variety of missions, you won't soon get tired of playing. Once the single player missions are completed, jump into the My base PvP mode to test your mettle against real players over the internet. Download from the Microsoft app store today for free and join the fight against terror!

Sniper fury logo Sniper Fury

  • Category: Action
  • Version: Free
  • Developer: Gameloft, inc.


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