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User Rating: / 95
[PC] Batman Arkham Origins Save Game 5 sur 5 base sur 95 utilisateurs.

[PC] Batman Arkham Origins Save Game

Batman Arkham Origins


Publisher : Warner Bros Games
Developer :
Type :Action / Aventure


    Batman Arkham Origins, PC, is an action-adventure game set a few years before the previous two episodes. The player who plays a younger Batman, fighting against many villains, as a Slade ...


    • Unzip Files into game folder.
    • C:ProgramDataSteamRLD!209000
    • C:Documents and Settings<username>My DocumentsWB GamesBatman Arkham OriginsSaveData
    • C:Users<UserName>DocumentsWB GamesBatman Arkham OriginsSaveData





    bigsmoke23% total. 100% story mode
    - Mission Anarki 100%
    - Enigma Mission 8%

    40% Total. 100% story mode . Hunt : 48% Enigma. 100%.
    New Game+ unlock

    47% total. 100% story normal
    - all suspects completed, -shadow vigilante rank 11
    -ghotam protector 100% -worst nightmare rank 5
    -new game plus unlocked

    Jagir98% total, I am the night unlocked Here

    HAMADA EL3OMDA 100% story normal - Mission Anarki 100% - Enigma Mission 100% - game plus 100% - I am the night 100% - Cold Cold Heart 100% Here















    sssss?mda kaydetmedi2015-05-14 18:32#53
    oyun kaydedilmiyor yani story modda girip oynad?m kapatt?p act?gt?g?mda kaydetmedi yard?mmmmm
    Quote|Report to administrator
    luigi42352015-03-02 19:48#52
    Quote|Report to administrator
    luigi42352015-02-14 09:46#51
    Quote|Report to administrator
    luigi862015-02-03 17:06#50
    Can anyone tel me where i can found the save data folder on version prophet?help me because it s the only solution for bug elevetor...change savedata file...thanks bye!
    Quote|Report to administrator
    tikad2014-12-07 07:37#49
    can anyone upload b arkham origins savegame file with all suits unlocked?
    Quote|Report to administrator
    guest2014-10-22 23:37#48
    after a fight it saves its self
    Quote|Report to administrator
    rover2014-10-21 16:47#47
    works thanks, onli replace in users data ...etc
    Quote|Report to administrator
    Rikimarue2014-08-09 13:39#46
    my game give black screen after i kill killer croc so anyone please give me save game right after fighting with killer croc.
    Quote|Report to administrator
    sen2014-07-21 18:13#45
    please can anyone send me the saved game after the copperhead fight.
    Quote|Report to administrator
    Ankit Verma2014-07-21 08:35#44
    can any1 help me,i got stuck in a glitch in gcpd elevator can any1 have game save file upto that? :D
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