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User Rating: / 203
[PC] Bully: Scholarship Edition savegame 5 sur 5 base sur 203 utilisateurs.

[PC] Bully: Scholarship Edition savegame

Bully (video game)

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Publisher: Take 2 Interactive
Developer: Rockstar
Type: Action


Action game in the third person, Bully: Scholarship Edition takes you to the Bullworth Academy, a private school in New England. You play Jimmy Hopkins, a young teenager of 15 years and really this ill do anything to win and take his nasty reputation. Main tasks, challenges secondary mini-games, Bully offers the player rather busy schedule.


  • Unzip the archive into the game folder
  • "My documents" then "Bully Scholarship Edition" folder.
















Ntrix2015-04-17 07:19#31
guys i really need to finish this game but my game gets an error on the nutercrackin mission im able to finish the rest of the game i guess but i really need a savegame just after that mission coz in reakky determined to finish it myself
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lachlan2013-12-23 01:41#30
Hey can someone share a save point just after the comsumo mission?
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a123bs2013-08-17 14:10#29
Quoting Guest:
nice game but I dont like his hair!!! :-x

But he doesn't have any! :-P
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Vaas Montenegro2013-06-29 09:22#28
hi guys! well i have been playing bully se for quite a while and it seems that the files are somehow LOST.
It would be a pleasure if someone could lend me the save game files till 'Hattrick vs Galloway'...
i wouldn't download the 94% file because i am determined to do it by myself!
i am not really familiar with this website so plz send an attachment at
Thank You
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Savemygame2013-04-28 18:10#27
New save game from Nodata12 :-)
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Guest2013-04-21 12:33#26
my bully is error
i cannot play
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Guest2013-04-21 12:32#25
This comment has been deleted by Administrator
Savemygame2013-04-10 09:13#24
Quoting Guest:
download link??

Just above it's the "Here" link
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Guest2013-04-10 02:52#23
download link??
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Guest2013-04-08 11:16#22
nice game but I dont like his hair!!! :-x
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