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User Rating: / 209
[PC] Bully: Scholarship Edition savegame 5 sur 5 base sur 209 utilisateurs.

[PC] Bully: Scholarship Edition savegame

Bully (video game)

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Publisher: Take 2 Interactive
Developer: Rockstar
Type: Action


Action game in the third person, Bully: Scholarship Edition takes you to the Bullworth Academy, a private school in New England. You play Jimmy Hopkins, a young teenager of 15 years and really this ill do anything to win and take his nasty reputation. Main tasks, challenges secondary mini-games, Bully offers the player rather busy schedule.


  • Unzip the archive into the game folder
  • "My documents" then "Bully Scholarship Edition" folder.




Version Contributor Status Download

Karvash2003 94%

Nodata12 94%










Feho 2016-06-18 08:58 #34
Hey guys! I'm stuck at nutcrackin' mission.. Please help me play the mission guys! I really want to finish this game by myself.. I can't play the mission because of the audio and arrow doesn't coming out.. Please play for me guyss..

My save file

Hope you guys upload it again after play that mission..
Hope you guys help me! Big thanks to this website!
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Feho 2016-06-18 04:59 #33
Hey guys, i am stuck at nutcracker mission, can't play it because the arrow and music didn't show up.. I would be glad if you guys help me pass this nutcracker mission.. I'm desperate to finish the game man.. Please help me! This is my save file THANK YOU!
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Aditya Thakur 2015-12-29 10:57 #32
Hey i was playing bully when suddenly it crashed i was going to do the mission'The Eggs' and i also had to do Character sheets Can someone send me the savegame on my gmail ID ?Thank you :)
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Ntrix 2015-04-17 07:19 #31
guys i really need to finish this game but my game gets an error on the nutercrackin mission im able to finish the rest of the game i guess but i really need a savegame just after that mission coz in reakky determined to finish it myself
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lachlan 2013-12-23 01:41 #30
Hey can someone share a save point just after the comsumo mission?
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a123bs 2013-08-17 14:10 #29
Quoting Guest:
nice game but I dont like his hair!!! :-x

But he doesn't have any! :-P
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Vaas Montenegro 2013-06-29 09:22 #28
hi guys! well i have been playing bully se for quite a while and it seems that the files are somehow LOST.
It would be a pleasure if someone could lend me the save game files till 'Hattrick vs Galloway'...
i wouldn't download the 94% file because i am determined to do it by myself!
i am not really familiar with this website so plz send an attachment at
Thank You
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Savemygame 2013-04-28 18:10 #27
New save game from Nodata12 :-)
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Guest 2013-04-21 12:33 #26
my bully is error
i cannot play
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Guest 2013-04-21 12:32 #25
This comment has been deleted by Administrator

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