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User Rating: / 852
[PC] Far cry 3 Save Game 5 sur 5 base sur 852 utilisateurs.

[PC] Far cry 3 Save Game

Farcry 3

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Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer :
Type : FPS


Far Cry 3 on PC is a shooting game in first person where you can evolve in an open world, in this case a Pacific island controlled by pirates. You play as Jason Brody and must use your environment to develop your skills and weapons to free your friends. The title also offers a cooperative mode for four in separate missions and competitive multiplayer.


  • Copy files into the game folder
  • Put the 3 files in: C:ProgramDataOrbit46
  • Put the gameprofile.xml in C:UsersusernameDocumentsMy GamesFar Cry




Version Contributor Status Download

dominiqe90 100%

TheJikilleur 100% Complete Story Mode and radio spots.
secondary missions and outpost to do

nodata12 After First mission Here

Savemygame Savegame just after meeting Citra, with patch 1.02 Here

Stormy_zerg1 100% story mode.
All crafts all skills only north island outposts side quest not done

MAJ2 Every thing unlocked (no more info) Here

JP de Lespinay Give access to 2d island Here

Savemygame Give access to 2d island Here

Savemygame First time with Hoyt (All in chapter) Here

Savemygame Last save/checkpoint to the final chapter of the history mode
(to redo one of the 2 endings)

Savemygame 100% History mode. All outpost cleared. All skills and weapons Here

JP de Lespinay 1st island is fully dominated by pirates.
All radio towsers are unlocked to see all the field.
All outpost are to be conquered. RLD version

Bangladeshi_Boy 54% complited, just before the sex with citra. Here

KRD Mission 16 (Piece of the past) Here

KRD Mission 18. Lin Cong I Presume. Here

KRD Mission 23 New Rite of Passage. Here

KRD Mission 24 Payback & Citra's Favor. Here

KRD Mission 27 Doppelganger Done

KRD Mission 29 Defusing the Situation

KRD Mission 30 Deep Throat

KRD Mission 32 Paint it Black

KRD Mission 33 Black Gold

Ferhat FarCry3 1.0.5 - 100%

Reg Access to both island. All radio tower discovered.
All outpost to conquer


ShaneGaming 100% Here





































Adhip 2015-05-28 08:23 #141
I need a safe file which has completed up to mission 8 or 9. Please can anyone mail that or upload it..
Quote | Report to administrator
sayyed 2015-05-13 06:57 #140
how to put save files in far cry 3 plz describe....... ????
Quote | Report to administrator
Alef 2015-04-21 17:00 #139
far cry 3 mission 8 download save game
Quote | Report to administrator
rahulchopra 2015-01-22 13:44 #138
krd mission 16 is not working its new game
Quote | Report to administrator
Gourav1 2015-01-11 14:28 #137
the savegame given by nodata12 is not working I start game and i see that load option is not there
Quote | Report to administrator
Tedo 2015-01-08 16:26 #136
Quoting Tony:
i have windows 7 and also can't find the C//ProgramData...
please help!!!

GO to Computer -> then click in the up-right corner : Organize -> then folder options -> then view -> then in the "hidden files and folders" click on "show hidden files and folders ...." :) now go to Computer / local disk C and you will se the program data ;)
Quote | Report to administrator
Tedo 2015-01-08 16:22 #135
Can you help me PLZ i do all you said but when i start the game there is only NEW GAME . Please , Please help me . There is'nt continue or load game :sad:
Quote | Report to administrator
satwick 2014-12-24 11:22 #134
can anyone plzzz plzzzz plzzz upload mission 35 : betting against the house??????
Quote | Report to administrator
anarchic 2014-12-15 18:22 #133
Thank you very much KRD! for Mission 18. u saved my time!!!
Quote | Report to administrator
Ah 2014-07-09 13:53 #132
I need a Save Data for The Mission after (Harvest The Jungle The Reloaded Version
Quote | Report to administrator

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