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User Rating: / 92
[PC] Hitman Absolution Save Game 5 sur 5 base sur 92 utilisateurs.

[PC] Hitman Absolution Save Game

Français : Logo de Hitman Absolution

Français : Logo de Hitman Absolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Publisher :Square Enix
Developer :IO Interactive
Type :Infiltration / Action


    HitmanAbsolutionPCis agamein which we findInfiltrationAgent47alwaysmeticulous andefficient.Contractswill leadto the fourcorners of the globeandthis timeitwilladjustitsinternal conflicts.


    • Copy files into game folder
    • C: \ Users \%username% \ AppData \ Local \ SK*D**W\ 203140 \ Storage
    • Steam> Userdata> (Your number)> 205930> Remote> Paste here





    bigsmokeAll missions are done.


    Blaze100% story completed in hard (some missions in purist)and all outfits (99%)

    VipersillEvery level complete on purist with every single mission unlocked and every single weapon and disguise unlocked.

    SunnyGamingHD2>90%. All missions and challenges until Run For Your Life Mission.
    All costumes and weapons.
    Verison v1.0.444.0

    Steve100%. All weapons, disguises, assassin techniques
    and playstyles unlocked as well as all challenges completed..
    Based on Vipersill save (Thank you!!)

    2net All Level completed on Purist. Only suit and some evidence collected. All Assassin Technique completed. start a new game using this savegame with Complete Assassin Techinques. Enjoy. Here
















    reytryy2015-07-15 07:54#21
    I installed hma and played like 2 days
    But one day when i wanted to play , it restarted from another level which i had already completed
    I searched for the save files in app data,local,skidrow but it was not there
    Please halp me
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    +1expert2013-07-03 08:35#20
    I have the solution dear "Guest". When you change or upgrade operating system, the game progress might be damaged and you will be forced to play hitman absolution from start. You need to do the following:
    1) copy file from "C: \ Users \%username% \ AppData \ Local \ SK*D**W\ 203140 \ Storage". The file will be "hm5", keep this saved in another drive.
    2) Change or upgrade your operating system (which may format drive C: in which skidrow folder is located)
    3) Install the game and play at least one mission and quit.
    4) Go to the location "C: \ Users \%username% \ AppData \ Local \ SK*D**W\ 203140 \ Storage" and replace the file "hm5" with that copied before.
    Your game must start at same point where you were before installing windows......Hope this helps
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    Guest2013-07-01 13:17#19
    My windows was corrupted, So I copied the file "HM5" from the folder and then recovered my windows. After that I copied "HM5" into steam folder but game doesn't start where I left off.... Do I have to start it from the beginning?
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    HOSEIN2013-06-27 19:00#18
    GOD GUIDE U. :-)
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    Chesterfield932013-06-24 15:09#17
    Please please please! I will really appreciate if someone could post a save of the mission with the doctor that explodes those pigs. Part 19 I think
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    Savemygame2013-04-02 20:03#16
    Quoting Sudhanshu Warfighter:
    This website has not any save files of Hitman Absolution.!

    There is at this moment 6 differents save game on this page
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    Sudhanshu Warfighter2013-04-02 19:33#15
    This website has not any save files of Hitman Absolution.!
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    biske2013-03-02 16:45#14
    Quoting Nasstas:
    Hello guys, i have same problem like "Guest" ( :) ) I play game, but when i aouit game i cant countinue. Help????

    me we need format?? rofl plz anyone help us ):
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    Savemygame2013-02-28 10:30#13
    new save game from Steve
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    Made2013-02-27 16:56#12
    for some reason the saves are not working for me :? like when i launch HMA, none of the content is their
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