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User Rating: / 182
[PC] Max Payne 3 Save Game 5 sur 5 base sur 182 utilisateurs.

[PC] Max Payne 3 Save Game

Max Payne 3



Max Payne 3 for PC is an action game developed by Rockstar. He follows Max Payne 2 . The hero has changed somewhat since his last look of adventures. It is now bald with a beard well kept and the chocolate bars are now replaced with a small can of beer. Max finds himself once again confronted with cases of treason and murder and has to talk about the powder!


    • Unzip the archive into the game folder
    • C: \ Users \% username% \ Documents \ Rockstar Games





      Bigsmoke100% Story Mode on Medium difficulty
      You can choose any of the 14 chapters

      Disturbed 100%, All clues and gold weapons, all chapters





      YOU ARE A KING2014-06-11 17:39#16
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      Guest2014-02-22 17:26#15
      This comment has been deleted by Administrator
      deng2013-10-12 12:24#14
      Nice games
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      Savemygame2013-08-05 08:25#13
      Quoting Yash Jain:
      How to download the file????

      Click on links in the download section
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      Yash Jain2013-08-03 11:15#12
      How to download the file????
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      MarcPain2013-07-24 12:29#11
      It worked fine for me but at some point I get "a sign in error occurred....." kicks me to title screen and opens social club, any fix? Thanks for the file btw.
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      samon2013-07-04 08:47#10
      hello...i have pasted the savegame files to mydocument folder and started playing game,but in the starting stage only have an option for new game and chapter select.when i select a chapter(eg:chapter 3)it is working,but the problem is that when i quit and restart the game the the "CONTINUE" is not active.I need the current game point in the CONTINUE.Could you please help me.Hope you understand my request.Im waiting for a quick reply.Thank you.
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      Guest2013-05-15 16:48#9
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      Savemygame2013-04-01 22:19#8
      Quoting vishal:
      i have a full save game of max pane 3 game for pc

      Can you send me the save game via the application form here
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      vishal2013-04-01 12:15#7
      i have a full save game of max pane 3 game for pc
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