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[PC] Tropico 4 savegame

Tropico 4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Publisher : Kalypso MediaDeveloper : Haemimont GamesType : Gestion


Tropico 4 is a management game for PC that puts you at the head of a banana republic in a changing world after the rise of the superpowers and the emergence of globalization and market economy. Your dictator must face new enemies and new challenges, but fortunately he has new support, starting with the ministers he may choose to pass the most controversial decisions.


Windows XP C: \ Documents and Settings \% username% \ Application Data \ Tropico 4 \ users\ user1 \ ExSaves \ Windows 7 C: \ User \% usernamer% \ AppData \ Roaming \ Tropico 4 \ users\ user1\ ExSaves





Version Contributeur Statut Download
BigSmoke 100% in May 1990, 82% happiness, 1kk pesos The level of stable income 250-320K, the population of ~ 1000 Download klein 128ee93baa7a227c62fadd4f197b081938c98b5b2ddaa4ddfd4ee6e0d32db2e0





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